Stweet is a live online installation // Stweet live // that reappropriates photographic and geographical data from the Web in real-time. Its visualization of geotagged Tweets juxtaposed onto a Google Street View scene offers a poetic and enhanced representation of the online information flow.
Two major Web players share this space:
* Google with its incredible Google Street View; and Twitter with its never-ending text flow of human chatter.
Google Street View tirelessly photographs the Earth, its cities as well as every nook and cranny of the Australian and American deserts. In some ways, it’s tyrannically taking possession of the land.
Google invests the globe far beyond the city, and this sense of no more unknown territories can make your head spin.
Stweet, in a spirit of retaliation, regains possession of this territory by in turn « hacking » Google Street View.

* Twitter displays a constant feed of human words, urban words. The 140-character Tweet can be geotagged and hence precisely associated with a geographic location, if the user so decides.
The geotagged Tweet has become a sort of virtual Post-It note stuck to a very specific place.

Stweet sheds light on this constant, global feed generated by Twitter, while emphasizing the volume of this space of observation, or the surveillance scope of our modern technology.

Transforming a geotagged message into a very specific snapshot completely changes our perception and materializes this field of observation.

Live Stweet

2009 – Albertine Meunier


Google Street View, Localised messages Twitter messages


Jérome Alexandre


Graphics : Cornelius Reed


Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram