Little Digital Mythology

Little Digital Mythology

Little Digital Mythology is a multimedia book especially conceived with regard to the research carried out by the Chair of the Bernardins "The Human to the Digital Challenge" in order to present an offbeat presentation of the exchanges taking place during the Chair.

Little Digital Mythology has been especially thought of and created for the Infinite Book format.

If you want to discover the contents of Little Digital Mythology out of the Infinite Book, here it is in pdf format.

For the Little Digital Mythology, Albertine interviewed:
* Milad Doueihi, philosopher, historian of religions and digital specialist, talks about singularity.

* Frédéric Louzeau mining engineer and specialist in nuclear physics, priest of the diocese of Paris since 1998. Doctor in philosophy and theology

* Jacques-François Marchandise Co-Founder and Director of Research and Foresight of Fing Association for the Next Generation Internet Foundation

* Antoine Bordes head of Facebook's lab Artificial Intelligence Research in Paris A real treat and so to listen urgently!

Thanks to Sarah Dufour from Collège Des Bernardins for her trust

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2017 – Albertine Meunier


Albertine Meunier

Technical note

Infinite Book
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The Infinite Book at Collège des Bernardins
The Infinite Book at Collège des Bernardins
1. The Machine
2. The Turing Test
3. The Code
4. The bug
5. The Data
6. The Data storage
7. The Algorithm
8. The GAFA
9. The Commons
10. The Meme
10bis . The Meme
11. The Magic of digital
11. The Magic of digital
13. The Artificial Intelligence
14. The Singularity
14. The Singularity