my "Machine" is, in this case, a search engine that we use day after day, a true reflex. Whenever we have something in mind, for which we want a quick and efficient answer, we search in an internet search engine.

Many search engines exist.
And, they do not act in the same way with your personal data.

Some endlessly store all your searches, and when you finally access to your own data, the searches you've done day after day, you can print a book, like a new autobiography.
Others, on the contrary, make great efforts not to store a thing, leading a new ethic of personal data. Presented in the form of a book, it is a white paper book, free to each one to write on the paper what you want ro remember.

Just discover these books!

#myMachineSearchHistory is under Copyleft Licence, Licence Art Libre 

2017 – Albertine Meunier


Paper Book


21 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm / 21 cm x 14 cm x 3 cm


 Albertine Meunier & les Editions Matière Primaire



Technical note

Little table
Books My Google Search History, My Qwant Search History, My DuckDuckGo History

For the exhibition, the books are simply placed one next to the other, on a small table, suggesting a comfortable reading.

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram


with les Editions Matière Primaire and printed on demand