Google Give me 5

Google Give me 5

Google, the search engine that needs no introduction, has become our close friend. Present at each moment of each passing day, it has become our instant snapshot. Like a Polaroid photo that instantly reveals presences and landscapes, but here online, Google reveals us to ourselves. We discover things as we discover ourselves.
Surely, what emerges from our myriad searches are the trends of our time, the ticks of our repeated actions, the hiccups of current affairs, in one word, « us » raised to the power of Google, « us » raised to the power of « googol ».

Google, Give me 5 calls out to Google, our daily friend, amicably asking it: Google, Give me 5, give me 5 words, 5 expressions or 5 names. Give me 5 chances.
Then, like a mantra, day after day, it displays the 5 most common searches on, as reported by Google Hot trends.

Then, like a rebound, as in automatic writing, the mantra is interrupted by digressions. These digressions are composed of words, video excerpts or photographs chosen and added by me, as the days go by, as the words go by.

And then, between the rabbit’s foot and the four-leaf clover, protective objects and lucky charms, Google, Give me 5 is also the protector of my future?like an amulet, it offers a « protective hand » so that I can live another day tomorrow.

Come on, Google, Give me 5 more tomorrow!

Commissioned by Arte for the Arte Creative website

2011 – Albertine Meunier


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Sébastien Bourdu