The DadaPrint3r
The DadaPrint3r


As a smart object,DadaPrint3r can print in Paris what you say in Marseille, here and there, from your smartphone. You can print anything from practical memos to love letters, right in your beloved’s home.
DadaPrint3r translates into written words whatever you say into your phone using the DadaPrint3r mobile application. Based on Google voice recognition technology, all speech captured by the microphone is optimally and efficiently processed. However, occasional moments of uncertainty may yield surprising results, as unclear words are transcribed as known words selected from the stored vocabulary of Google’s massive search database. As such, DadaPrint3R understands what you say, but also links you to the collective unconscious of Google searches.
This combination of technological precision and artistic fuzziness gives DadaPrint3r a bit of fantasy, a bit of Dada. 
Try it once, you won’t be able to stop!

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2016 – Albertine Meunier


Little printer, Thermal paper roll, Arduino, Internet, Google voice recognition


11 cm x 15 cm


Bastien Didier


Sylvie Tissot / Tristan Savina


Albertine Meunier / Huieun Kim /  Bastien Didier
Art2M Co Production


Technical note

Connect  the computer and the DadaPrint3r to power
Connect the computer and the DadaPrint3r to internet
Connect the microphone to the computer and go to
or Launch the DadaPrint3r application on your mobile phone
Talk and it will print your blahblah to the DadaPrint3r

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
DadaPrint3r and its app.
DadaPrint3r and its app.
Screen Capture of the DadaPrint3r application
Screen Capture of the DadaPrint3r application


Arduino Yun . reference 
Mini imprimante . product sheet . tutorial
Thermal paper roll - 50 feet long, 2.25" wide

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