Beyond 1m/s

Beyond 1m/s
Beyond 1m/s

Beyond 1m/s

“Beyond 1m/s” physically illustrates the speed of the Internet.

In order to measure this speed, the installation queries Google in real-time every 30 seconds with the phrase “I think”.

Like a water wheel, the Internet sets things in motion.
The marbles slip into the gears and are released on a metal chute according to the speed measured online, or more precisely, the speed at which the phrase is published on the Internet.

The marbles rattle against each other, creating a rhythm, a tempo as they fall.

Thus, the Internet marvelously reveals the speed of each Netizen’s thoughts and actions.
And what if the actual upheavals of the world were the signs of these micro-actions transformed into energy?
« For nothing comes into being, nor, yet, does anything perish, but there is mixture and separation of things that are » (Clazomenae Anaxagoras). In other words: « Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed » (Lavoisier).

This piece was created following research on the new world, the world of packets.
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2012 – Albertine Meunier


Arduino, Arduino Ethernet Shield, Wood, Metal Marbles, métal, Servo Motor, Step Motor, Google Search,


Tobias Muthesius


Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
Beyond 1m/s in action
Beyond 1m/s  gears
Beyond 1m/s gears