Around the world

Around the world

Around the World is a series of digital tableaux, an online travel journal through an imaginary world made up of very real places. The landscapes of this imaginary world are composed of real elements taken from Google Street View.
The digital tableau is composed of several elements, animated images, as well as selected landscapes from Google Street View.
The geo-photographic elements of Google Street View can be used to create unlimited landscapes, mixing countries, places, architecture, situations, people… from all over the world.

In this way, Around the World offers a whole new digital palette of infinitely rich landscapes that blend fantasy and reality.
These landscapes, the new digital tableaux, are all accessible online.

Tableau I, entitled I Hammered Home Away

The landscape of Tableau I is composed of 4 different places: Paris suburbs, United States, Japan and New Zealand.

2009 – Albertine Meunier


Google Street View


Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
Tableau I, if you change the point of view
Tableau I, if you change the point of view


Choosen places

around the work, je martelais sans cesse

vue 1
long lat = pano_id="SgmY_wiBJ_Uw0f8jNKjIFA"num_zoom_levels="3" lat="48.801804" lng="2.403345" original_lat="48.801811" original_lng="2.403344"
29 Avenue Eva Salmon, Vitry-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France
projection_properties projection_type="spherical" pano_yaw_deg="83.88" tilt_yaw_deg="164.74" tilt_pitch_deg="3.81"
yaw_deg="85.51" pano_id="giyFyfFA45gzz7otBkDxEg" road_argb="0x80ffffff" scene="0"
yaw_deg="265.51" pano_id="sYvzsxqWrawEeRdjFUTh6Q" road_argb="0x80ffffff" scene="0"

vue 2
panoid= MD8FF5l3I6bLKwcSKYqXNw
long lat = pano_id="MD8FF5l3I6bLKwcSKYqXNw" num_zoom_levels="3"lat="35.455443" lng="139.887655" original_lat="35.455402" original_lng="139.887612"
?????????, ????, ???, Japon
projection_properties projection_type="spherical" pano_yaw_deg="130.54" tilt_yaw_deg="155.55" tilt_pitch_deg="0.49"
yaw_deg="130.27" pano_id="I9E7FNpof9RX3poSbl61Lg" road_argb="0x80fffa73" scene="0"
yaw_deg="310.27" pano_id="oVLMEr4bwfEBNmQh4dM51Q" road_argb="0x80fffa73" scene="0"

vue 3
panoid= BQ48sCnNrOE7NO5PT1PzYg
pano_id="BQ48sCnNrOE7NO5PT1PzYg" num_zoom_levels="3"lat="-40.498548" lng="176.550833" original_lat="-40.498594" original_lng="176.550934"
Seaview Road / Waimata Road, Herbertville, Manawatu-Wanganui, Nouvelle-Zélande
projection_properties projection_type="spherical" pano_yaw_deg="214.08" tilt_yaw_deg="-44.67" tilt_pitch_deg="1.46"
yaw_deg="30.59" pano_id="H5jLdPJumkMcy7N8B5AkJw" road_argb="0x80fdf872" scene="0"

vue 4
panoid= ro5QvnC08H5hwHmvFV17Tg
pano_id="ro5QvnC08H5hwHmvFV17Tg" num_zoom_levels=« 3 »Repa » original_lat="41.061262" original_lng="-105.324753"
1002 County Road 234, Wyoming, États-Unisprojection_properties projection_type="spherical" pano_yaw_deg="100.54" tilt_yaw_deg="165.89" tilt_pitch_deg="1.42"
yaw_deg="95.36" pano_id="F5X5Iay49o_9nEp93QzVvw" road_argb="0x80ffffff" scene="0"
yaw_deg="289.48" pano_id="7i5UaoJcLchrAdUO7xZSrA" road_argb="0x80ffffff" scene="0"