The Angelino

The Angelino

The angelino is an angel detector.
A ballerina, imprisoned in a music bottle, awakes and dances to a melody whenever an angel passes on the Internet, or more precisely, when the word « angel » is mentioned on Twitter.

Wired with an Arduino, the music bottle detects angels on Twitter by parsing Tweets that mention the word « angel ».

2009 – Albertine Meunier


Arduino, Servomotor, Arduino Ethernet Shield


Tobias Muthesius / Sylvie Tissot


Tobias Muthesius


Technical note

During the exhibition, both live and online viewers can interact with the piece and make the ballerina dance by posting a Tweet that contains the word « angel ».

Installation requirements:
* Angelino
* Black base
* High-speed Internet
* Electric power

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
An angel is coming
The Angelino
The Angelino
The Angelino
The Angelino