A corps et à Christ

A corps et à Christ

À Corps et à Christ is a series of 7 short videos around the theme of my relationship with the Christ and its various representations, universal representations.

The Christ inhabits my world and especially my house in a surprising way.

Focusing my attention on this fact gives me pause to try to understand or at least better define my relationship with this object. The reasons I found were not religious but suggestive of a very personal representation: image of pain, image of man and woman, image of sexuality…

Each short video has a similar form and rhythm, an animated shot reduced to very little movement and a text written and read by me, always concluding with the same interrogation.

À Corps et à Christ, séries de 7 videos :
Je me promène avec dans mon porte monnaie - 50 seconds
Christ sur lit de coton - 50 seconds
Se protéger - 45 seconds
Chez moi, les Christs sont toujours couchés - 30 seconds
À l'autel des Christs et d'une vierge - 50 seconds
Crucifixion des avant bras – 1.40 minutes
Chute et fin - 30 seconds

2005 – Albertine Meunier