A Dada Chevalier

A Dada Chevalier

A performance by Albertine Meunier

Location ; Royal Palace, Paris
Date: June 19, 2017, 7:19 pm

Sequence 1: The rise of the march
In the mini square: Albertine and the film crew (Clément, Valérie, Théo 1st camera + Vanessa 2nd Camera + Ingé son & clapman Romain + Caroline producer.
Arrival of guests who wait outside the small square.
The Voicekeepers announce the guests by name and invite them to step on the step then enter the mini square.

As they walk up the guests receive:
- a medaled Shadocks badge
- the lyrics of the song Pépites à Data

The jingle "A Dada Chevalier" announces the beginning of the ceremony.
The film crew distributes their role to the guests. There are horses, trotters who make the sound of trotting with funnels and simple spectators.

The guests receive a Dada horse if they have the role of the horse.
Guests receive two funnels if they have the role of Trotter.

Sequence 2: A Data Dada
During this sequence, horses will turn around the statue and Stéphane comes to deliver his speech.

The film crew sets up the Repetition of Sequence 1.
All the horses stand and circle around the statue. Placement of the two horses elected and Stéphane who will state the speech.
In the rehearsal, everything happens in all except the speech.

The director launches the rehearsal.

The director makes a stop "Ah it's not at all" etc .... and stimulus.

Filming of sequence 2: SILENCE! MOTOR! IT TURNS ! ACTION!
The horses turn ...
Placement of the two horses elected then Stéphane's arrival on the march to say his speech.

He is not interrupted.

Sequence 3 Scene 1: The Shadocks Moment
During this sequence, the guests will see each other in teams and in duet play the role of a Shadock.
Then Gerard comes to deliver his speech and give the medal.

The film crew prepares the filming of sequence 3. There is no repetition. The jingle "Shadocks" is triggered.

The film crew explains the moment Shadocks, and the guests are placed in the mini square in two groups facing each other. Then in duet, they will perform Shadocks movements.
Examples of Shadocks movements are shown, for example in the duo, one pumps the other by the arm.

Then at the signal of the director, the two groups face each other and alternatively train their team to carry out the movement chosen by their Shadocks leaders.
Three Shadocks movements are made by each group and then Gérard enters the stage and makes his speech.

Sequence 3 Scene 2: The invention of the internet
Speech by the medalist and closing of the ceremony with the song "PEPITES à DATA" by Albertine Meunier

2019 – Albertine Meunier


Helium Puffed Horses, Funnels, Voice Maker, Small Walking, Shadocks Badge, Speeches, Legion of Honor Medal, Camera, Clap