MLPL - 64 / xx

MLPL - 64 / xx

movements'life paper listing

albertine's movements based on data captured by her phone
(data via Google Activity every 30 seconds)

1= albertine is still
2 = albertine is wiggling her phone, and herself along with it
3 = albertine is walking
4 = no, you're not dreaming, alberitne is running
5 = albertine is riding her scooter

Day after day, motion data is captured and recorded constantly on server farms.

Printed on paper, albertine's movements are easily identified... in series of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. At first glance, one sees the symptom of modern times: Being motionless, either asleep or looking at a screen.
The rhythm of the movements is just barely visible: the first morning gesture to grab the phone, going around on a scooter, the few steps of the day...
Inevitably, the paper listing prints out all of albertine's moves.

2015 – Albertine Meunier


Google Activity, Albertine's movements, Printer EPSON LQ-680, Listing paper


Bastien Didier


Sylvie Tissot


Albertine Meunier, Bastien Didier


Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram